Bay-Walton Sector Plan

About Sector Planning Process

Florida law encourages Sector Planning as a tool for large scale and long-range planning (Chapter 163.3245, Florida Statutes). This tool is encouraged because it facilitates a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to land-use planning as opposed to allowing growth to occur on a fragmented or piecemeal basis. To qualify for a Sector Plan, an area must contain at least 15,000 acres.

There are two major steps in the Sector Planning process. The first step is the adoption of a Long Term Master Plan for the entire Sector Planning area. The Long Term Master Plan provides a general or conceptual framework of proposed land uses. The second step is the adoption of a series of Detailed Specific Area Plans (DSAP) on smaller geographic areas (a minimum of 1,000 acres), which include more detail and must be consistent with the Long Term Master Plan. The DSAPs are anticipated to be submitted over a period of time.

Local governments, in this particular case, Bay and Walton Counties, have the ultimate authority to review and take action on the portion of the Bay-Walton Sector Plan that is within their geographic jurisdiction. The Sector Planning process also includes extensive review by state and regional agencies and public comment.

The St. Joe Company followed the Sector Planning process when the West Bay Sector Plan was approved in 2003. The West Bay Sector Plan, which remains one of the largest and most comprehensive land use plans in the state, encompasses approximately 75,000 acres and includes the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, preservation areas as well as opportunities for residential, commercial and light industrial land uses.

Approval Process

Bay-Walton Sector Plan Application

The St. Joe Company submitted the Bay-Walton Sector Plan Application to Bay County and Walton County planning officials on April 11, 2014. The Sector Planning process involves significant review by both counties, which plan to hold workshops, meetings and public hearings, in addition to significant review by state agencies. Please note: Each county's application contains support material applicable to that county but the summary analysis is the same for both applications. If you would like information from the Bay-Walton Sector Plan application, please send your request through the form on the Contact Us page.

Cornerstones of the Proposed Bay-Walton Sector Plan

Long-Range Planning Vision: Creates a 50-year vision that balances economic opportunity with resource protection.
Gradual Implementation: Implementation of the 50-year, long-range vision occurs gradually based on market conditions and through detail-specific area plans (DSAPs) submitted to each county's planning department for approval.
Environmental Stewardship: The proposed plan includes conserving more than 53,000 acres of regionally significant natural resources or nearly 50 percent of the project area.
Walkable Communities: The proposed plan creates more than 100 miles of public trails and connects to existing regional trail networks to encourage walking and biking.
Diversification of Economy: The Bay-Walton Sector Plan is proposed to have a significant active adult/retirement component, which is non-seasonal, is less susceptible to economic down turns and has a lower impact on public facilities like schools.
Regional Transportation: The proposed plan will help facilitate regional roads like the West Bay Parkway, which will connect the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport to US 98, and "Back-Back Beach Road," which will provide a new parallel road to relieve US 98.
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